SupUnlimited Remote Support Services

If you have an issue, question, want to change Practice Management systems, or just add a new printer. Give us a call and we’ll handle it without looking at the clock.



Full Server Encryption

SureFire Encryption – What’s the point of having a big shiny advanced server without proper data encryption? This service will not only encrypt all the data on your server but will also give you exemption from the dreaded HIPAA Breach Notification Rule. If you’re not familiar with the breach notification rule, it essentially states that if you have a physical or virtual breach you must notify each of your patients, be listed on the HIPAA “wall of shame” and take out a public media listing (newspaper). Yea, it’s pretty serious, and encryption will EXEMPT you from those requirements in case of a breach. So of course we offer it standard.


ConsuTechnology Consultation and Planning Services

Did you stumble on a new printer or scanner and wondering if it’s a good buy? How about that new office communication software you’ve been eyeing? Well just give us a call and we’ll look into it for you and give you our opinion/advice. Setting up a new office and can’t decide how many network connections you’ll need, where to put the wiring closet, where to mount monitors? Well once again give us a call, give us the blueprints and we’ll outline where it all should go. Of course you can also just tell us what dental technology you need and we’ll get it for you. Easy right? That’s the plan.


1TB of Monitored Online/Cloud Backup

+ Monitored Local Backup

SureFire Backup  The “bread and butter” of the IT industry, protecting the life force of your server and computers. Most companies will nickle and dime you by only offering 100gb, then rack up the price as your business grows. But we don’t play that game. Thats why you receive a full 1,000gb or 1TB as it’s commonly referred of online cloud storage space for your backup! Local backups have no space restriction. However 99% of dental offices have a server drive limit of 1TB, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll need more space. So we got you covered on cloud storage, but where we really shine is in the fact that your backups are monitored daily by a real person. That means a staff member is actually looking at each backup report to confirm it’s changed, uploaded and successful. if it fails for any reason we’ll log on and resolve the issue. Plus we’ll even send you a copy of the daily email backup report for your own records. Doesn’t get much better than that.

monit_4Real-Time Computer & Network Monitoring

SureFire Monitoring – Day or night your office systems will be monitored by SureFire Monitoring against hardware or software failures. Any issues will be quickly reported and resolved. So if software is running a muck using 100% of your computer’s processing power we’ll resolve it before it affects your production. If a hard drive is close to crashing we’ll catch it and have time to respond then replaced before it takes down your office, operatory, or front line computer(s) and production. Now that’s proactive support!


In addition to all of the above services you also get:

A complete revamp of your current systems included

at no additional cost:

During a weekend of your choosing we’ll refresh your existing systems. We’ll service each system individually, clean them up, lock them down and resolve all existing problems!

PLUS – A full migration and installation when it’s time to upgrade (or move)
at no additional cost.

When it’s time to upgrade your office computers you can rest easy knowing the Practice Protector Suite has you covered.

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